Note the use of Vibration Motor

The vibration motor is combine a power source and a vibration source as an excitation.it installs a group of adjustable eccentric blocks at both ends of the rotor shaft,and uses the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the shaft and the eccentric block to obtain the exciting force.Vibration motor is widely used in hydropower construction,thermal power generation,metallurgy,light industry and other industrial sectors

The vibration frequency scope of the vibration motor is large,and only when the exciting force and power are properly matched which make the mechanical noise be reduce.


Pay attention to:

1. Vibratory motor power is usually use 380V,50Hz,other special voltage can be customized as per customers requirements.

2. Horizontal vibration motor is not allowed to operate without protective cover;

3. Lubricating oil which is known as motor oil is usually used for sliding bearing of motor.

4.The electric control system of vibration motor should have reliable grounding device and protection device,

5.After the vibration motor is used for the first time or prevented for a long time, the stator coil insulation should be measured with a 500V megger before use, and the insulation resistance should not be lower than 10m. If the value can not be reached, the motor must be dried;

6.Before operating the vibrating motor,you must check the following items:inspection vibration motor to be whether reliable.Whether the grounding and protection device of vibration motor are safe.

7. Pay more attention to work running to be whether reliable.If something is not working as overheating, abnormal noise, serious oil leakage,etc.you can stop the machine in time for inspection and treatment;

8.Read carefully the operation manual of the vibration motor before use.